Munger residents praise unique living environment

Image Source: Michigan Daily

Munger Graduate Residences

As I’ve been here now for a year, I’ve come to realize that every moment here is a precious opportunity for students to learn, and of course that learning goes on in classrooms, but the students are only spending a fraction of their time in classrooms.
— University President Mark Schlissel
University officials and students highlighted the importance of community and diversity as they celebrated the opening of the Munger Graduate Residences on Wednesday, a project largely funded by University alum Charles Munger, a real estate mogul.
— The Michigan Daily

Munger Graduate Residences opens at University of Michigan

The Munger Graduate Residences will provide our graduate and professional students with further opportunities to engage one another across different academic disciplines, backgrounds, and thought, while enriching their educational experience on our campus.
— University President Mark Schlissel
It’s a new kind of environment that allows residents to understand new perspectives, solve issues and bring evolved thinking into their careers.
— Greg Merritt, director of the Coleman-Munger Fellows Program and senior associate director of University Housing