University of Alabama Law School Addition


University of Alabama Law School Addition (2006)

Tuscaloosa, AL
Design Architect: Hartman-Cox Architects
Architect of Record: KPS Group, Inc.

The University of Alabama Law School, Law Center Building is located at the southeast edge of the University of Alabama campus on a 23-acre "open plain" site. The 1975 building was designed by the firm of Edward Durell Stone in a modern idiom that differs in character from the central campus architecture, generally characterized by more traditional and classical styles. With its "edge of campus" location and expansive site, the Law Center Building is somewhat independent of the main campus and, as such, its modern style and horizontal massing are appropriate and well suited. The project combines a 46,000-square-foot addition with approximately 44,000 square feet of renovation work to the existing building. The addition addresses areas where the law school's academic, administrative, and support functions have outgrown portions of the existing building. It incorporates new student gathering, dining, and meeting facilities, and provides a consolidated home for the Law School's Legal clinics.