The Jefferson Library


The Jefferson Library (2002)

The Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation
Charlottesville, VA

Kenwood, a large Colonial revival house by the esteemed architectural firm of Delano and Aldrich, lies about one-half mile down the road from Monticello. It is now used by Monticello as the Center for International Jefferson Studies. A small (15,000 GSF) library serves the Center for International Jefferson Studies at Kenwood House and the staff at Monticello. 

The design of the new library reflects the angularity of the roofs, the rectangular planning and the crispness of the house itself, while disguising the fact that it is three times as large as the house by placing its bulk to the rear and down the hill.

It contains a two-story reading room, carrels, offices, conference rooms and a work area for research on the Jefferson papers. The exterior materials match those of the house.