Christ & St. Luke's Episcopal Church


Christ & St. Luke's Episcopal Church (in progress)

Norfolk, VA

Christ and St. Luke’s master plan intends to address the challenges the congregation has been facing due to changes in flood levels, an aging infrastructure, life safety conditions, issues with accessibility and security, and the need for more flexible spaces that accommodate the congregation’s programming in a more efficient way. 

Since work began in January of 2016, Hartman-Cox has made a commitment to learning as much about the form and function of Christ and St. Luke’s Church as possible. In order to do this we needed to talk with clergy, staff, parishioners, and all those who invest their time and efforts in church life. Additionally, we were tasked with helping to develop consensus among the Parish and create a path forward that had wide support. This meant that not only was it important for us to gather information about the church, but it was also crucial that we share our evolving ideas and designs with the Parish throughout the process to create a dialogue about what is best for the church moving forward.

A list of priorities was developed according to what Christ and St. Luke’s identified and what the Hartman-Cox team’s observed:

  • Life Safety
  • Accessibility
  • Infrastructure Improvements
  • Water Infiltration
  • Restrooms
  • Flexibility
  • Storage Space

Currently Christ and St. Luke’s lacks a clear main entrance despite the fact that there are six different entrances to the complex. Many of these entries are only used occasionally, and most are not ADA accessible. In our discussions with parishioners, welcoming, accessibility and security were identified as major priorities. A new main entrance could help to improve all of these areas by providing a single clear point of entry accessible to all complete with a reception desk and waiting area.